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Crime Stoppers is not a new concept in crime fighting. Cash and anonymity for information. Your call is free from anywhere in the country.You will not be asked your name, address or telephone number.

You will not need to visit a police station, your call is not recorded, your telephone number is not traced, you will not be contacted. You may get a cash reward if your information results in an arrest and charge.

How do I report an offence to Crime Stoppers?

When you see a crime (or even something that looks suspicious) or have information about a crime, call 1-800- 222- 8477 or, in St. Thomas, call 519-631-8477.

The person who answers the phone will ask for the details of what you are reporting and give you a tipster number.

Never reveal your tipster number to anyone!
A tipster's identity is never known, not even by the police coordinator.
A tipster never has to testify in court.

You will be asked to call back at a future date citing the tipster number that was provided to you. You will learn at that time if the tip has a cash reward. If there is a cash reward payable, then you will be given the details of how to obtain that reward.

Don't want to call? You can report a crime online.

Tips submitted through this website are encrypted, entirely confidential, completely anonymous and are immediately and securely transferred directly to the St. Thomas Crime Stoppers.

After submitting your tip, you will be provided with your own unique ID number that you will use when checking the status of your tip or picking up your reward.

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About St. Thomas Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a volunteer organization of local citizens and business people dedicated to the reduction of crime, to the prompt solution of crimes, and to rewarding persons who provide information that leads to the arrest of criminals.

The board is made up of 15 volunteers and has a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer. There is a Police Coordinator assigned from the St. Thomas detachment and a Police Liaison from the Aylmer detachment.

The purpose of the board is to raise funds that will be used as rewards to tipsters. The board also votes on rewards that are recommended to them by the Police Coordinator. The Police Coordinator acts as a liaison between the Police Department and the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.

The Crime Stoppers program in St. Thomas began in January 1989. In the years since inception, the St. Thomas program has grown to be one of the most successful Crime Stoppers programs in the region. Our statistics prove that Crime Stoppers works, but there is always room for improvement.

The greatest resource of information has yet to be tapped: the student population of St. Thomas and area.

Students know about everything there is to know about what goes on in St. Thomas or the county. If someone is dealing drugs in their area, they will know about it but nothing is said. There seems to be an unspoken rule about snitching. If they are singled out as a snitch, they are verbally harassed and sometimes physically abused. It's no wonder they won't tell. This is where Crime Stoppers comes in.

A TIPSTER NEVER has to TESTIFY in court.

How Can I Help?

Donate Now Through!

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Act as a corporate sponsor
Participate in any of our local events